Wordpress Safety - To Secure Your Wordpress Installation

You may well have heard all the buzz online about the attacks on WordPress security. Unfortunately this is no joke, and it needs to be taken very seriously, or all you've built could be hijacked or worse, lost to you.

If portions of your database were to disappear viable would your site or business be ? Let us look at what you will need to do to execute repair hacked wordpress site cloning, and how it can help your overall WordPress security .

Safeguard your login credentials - Do not keep your login credentials where they might be found by a hacker. Store them offsite, and even offline. Roboform is for protecting them very good . Food index for thought!

Before you can delete the default admin account, you first must create a user with administrator rights. To do this go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on User -> Create New User. Enter all the information you will need to enter.

Upgrade now if you're not running the latest version of WordPress. Like keeping your door unlocked when you leave for vacation leaving your site on an old version is.

Keep in mind the safety of your sites depend on how you manage them. Be certain that you follow these basic strategies to avoid hacks and exploits on your blogs and websites.

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